Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Connect your Windows 8.1 PC to GITWIFI in GIT College Campus

So the Microsoft Released the new and better Windows 8.1 update after obvious failure of Windows 8, but everyone of us here in GIT were not be able to update our Windows to the newest version though it was made available for free because of very unusual reason that the college WiFi network encryption was not supported in the new version. I tried to find the reason why it was supported in earlier versions but not in the newest one. I found that Microsoft had removed the capability to configure WPA security and its associated types of encryption (i.e. TKIP, and GITWIFI is encrypted in the same). While it is true that most of the world has moved on to WPA2 or better, there are still many companies who are Cisco shops that still use WPA/TKIP. If you had noticed, the routes in the campus are of Cisco, so it was obvious that they were using TKIP encryption.
Now, are we going to use the same old Windows though it is needed to update to the latest one? No Way!!!