Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Buy Yu Yuphoria & Select Color in Aamzon Flash Sale

UPDATE: I have updated the post for the sale of Yuphoria.
Today i am going to tell you all those extra Recommended steps, which you can follow to pull down the odds and You CAN Play God!

Now, before we proceed, lets just look at the basic steps YU recommends.

Now that is the procedure you will follow and not just you but everyone who is trying to buy this phone. Imagine everyone is on highway and their destination is same, that will increase traffic density and decrease rate of movement. Same is here, everyone wants to buy a Yuphoria smartphone but everyone is doing the same thing. Now you will say there is just this way to do that. But no, that's what i am here for, i will tell you the secret how i nailed the Flash sale of Yu Yureka every time since 13th of January  and was not bothered by high traffic and slow internet connection. I will tell you how to fly through the lines. So without further a due, lets get started.

Watch the Video:


Ingredients:- does it sound like some recipe? If that is easy for you to digest, then yes it is!
  1.  Amazon account
  2.  A Desktop PC or Laptop
  3. Moderate speed Internet Connection (Do we really have High speed connections in India?)
  4. Any Internet Browser with option to Pin the Pages. (I like Opera)
  5. A Smartphone or Android Emulator on Windows PC with Amazon Mobile app installed.
  6. Human Being, willing to play God i.e., YU


Before Sale Day

1. Pin This tab To your Browser:-

I will be updating a lot new things and tips in the period next sale, so you will be updated whenever you open your browser, also, my post contains quick links to almost everything, so you can access them without problem, so, Pin karna to banta he yaar. 

2. Ensure that you are Registered for the SALE:-

Now this is REALLY REALLY Important Step. I Recommend you to DO IT NOW. 

Make At Least Two Amazon Accounts, One for Experimenting and One To keep safe.

     3. Deciding Mode of Payment:- 

    Well, its really important to decide which payment mode are you willing to use while completing the order. If COD is available in your area, then there is no problem at all. You can check COD availability at time of checkout. Still keep alternate payment method ready for, you know, just in case.

     To add New payment method on Amazon, you can go HERE. Add the card details and save. 

    4. Billing & Shipping Address:-  

    You only got 15 Min once you are in. You don't want to waste it by Adding your Billing and Shipping Address. Add it Now HERE.

    5. Some extra tips to ensure good Internet Speed:-

    (i) If you are using any broadband service, Do not download any big File just before sale day. You would not like to have your Internet facing off just before sale due to their irritating Fair Usage Policy.
    (ii) If you are on Mobile data sharing it on your PC, make sure you got enough data for sale day.
    (iii) If you are using Data Card on your laptop, you better find a good place to sit on sale day. You want Saare Dande Don't you?
    (iv) If you are planning to using College/Office WiFi, better back off. The admin may block the Website due to High Traffic. Damn! Your Friends too want to play God.Better have an alternate option ready.

    (v) Clear cache, cookies & Web History:-This is just another way of making sure there is no unwanted scripts running already. You can usually find the option to clear history under History section of Privacy option in your browser. Search internet for different browsers, "How to clear web history in _________ browser"
    • Remember to open and pin this page again.
    Decide the color of Yu Yuphoria you want to purchase:- The available colors are BUFFED STEEL (Black) & CHAMPAGNE GOLD (White). So decide the color you want to purchase as you will need to open the specific page for that color in no time. Deciding color at that time will only waste that time.
    Few Hours Before Sale:- 
    Now, i am sharing a few tips you can follow to make sure no other thing comes in between to ruin your YU Moment.
    1. Maintain Internet Speed:- Best way to make others fail in flash sale is by slowing down their internet connection, and you wont believe but there are many smart asses sitting all day long pulling your Internet Bandwidth secretly. 
      • Get rid of Spam wares, Bloatwares and possibly Spywares that comes along with Free wares you install on your PC. These are small plugins, scripts or just small catch file. They are like virus that do not really harm your PC but harm your Browsing experience in your browser. They takes unnecessary bandwidth load and decreases original page load times and sometimes opens useless pop up sites.
        • How to find:- If you see more that usual advertisements on any page, you are affected.
        • How to remove:- There are many ways depending on how you are affected. Discussing that is out of scope of this article. Simplest one is to uninstall all plugins in your browser, or install a browser which you don't use. Install Opera which is good and probably you are not using it already. Search on the Internet for more details.
      • Keep your Internet connection turned off for few minutes exactly one hour before the sale. That would act as a cool down period for you and your Modem also. Go out, have your lunch.
    2. Calibrate the clock on your PC:- Check if the clock in your PC is showing the correct time. Synchronize it with online servers. Additionally, keep a digital clock nearby to check exact time.
    3. Login time:- Time to Login to your Amazon accounts. Login to Both the Accounts in Different Browsers.   Click Here.

    4. Open the Product page & pin it:- This is the page where you will see the Countdown, and later Buy Now/Add to cart option. 

      CLICK HERE TO GO TO YU YUPHORIA PRODUCT PAGE and Pin it by right clicking the tab and selecting "Pin Tab"

    The Time is Now:-
    Now the Time has finally come. You got to be fast.
    • Refresh the product page in both browsers a minute before 2:00 PM to make sure Count down is running right just before sale. Stack both the browsers side by side on your screen.
    • Once it is 2 PM, when the Countdown will go to 00.00.00 you MAY see the Buy Now or ADD TO CART option on the Product Page. Click that without wasting a Millisecond.
      As it is the first sale, and unlike yureka, yuphoria has colors to choose from, we dont know where the product page will take us to. It might happen that after clicking on BUY NOW, it takes us to deal page, where you will have to select the color and then ADD TO CART.

      I contacted Amazon Support and according to them, the first one is the process, but you never know what changes.
    • It may say Checking the Deal status, and if you are VERY VERY lucky, The YUPHORIA of your chosen color Will come in your Cart.
    • If not, They will Ask you to JOIN THE WAIT-LIST. Click on that and you will be asked to Add to Wait-List by a POP-UP WINDOW Again. Click That. Now just KEEP REFRESHING the page every minute until you see a Pop up asking to Add to Cart or the Deal gets Ends.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: Dont try to change the color of yuphoria while you are in the waitlist of a color.
    • Have faith, DON'T GIVE UP TOO EARLY, you may see Join Waitlist every time you refresh, click that, but you are already in waitlist, so wait, you will see the pop up soon.
    • Once you see the pop up, click on Add to cart.
    • Now you have 15 Min to Finish the order by doing the Payment.
      You can use your Amazon Gift Card to finish purchase easily and fast.
      Simply buy a Gift card from here, email it to yourself and Redeem it Here in your Account. Do it today itself.

      Finish the purchase as usual, but due to High traffic, you may see this.
      Or you might get stuck anywhere while placing the final order.
    NOTE:- Though in the sale of yureka, this never really appeared except the first time, but who never know, still take this tip-

    Yes, The Amazon app on your old Smartphone or Android Emulator will help you complete the Order. Go to your cart using the Amazon Mobile App, and proceed completing the order. Its a breeze to do that on the App Server as less people are using it compared to many struggling on Amazon Web Servers. Alternatively you can directly buy from Amazon Mobile app, but you won't get a chance to join wait-list.
    Well, at least that is what i did to Nail the Flash sale like a pro & i was successful the first time itself. I know its a no brainier, but hay, its SMARTER way, don't you think?


    I know you guys are curious, and you are going to try to add YUPHORIA in your cart before the sale time. You just want it any how, no matter if its Sale time or not, you are still going to try to click that SHOP NOW button in the right side of this page.

    As we added YU YUREKA/Yuphoria in our cart using different methods like from Product Widget in Right side or by tweeting #AmazonCart, or through wishlist, etc and our Registration got expired!!!

    SO, Keep at-least ONE Amazon Account Away from such Experiments, So in the end we at-least have one genuine unused chance to buy Yuphoria. Do every other thing like adding to cart through any other method which is different from steps above in other Account.

    Only orders placed from or the product page on the Deal widget will be successful. Orders from Wishlist, Customer Reviews and all other platforms/functionalities have been disabled.
    This is Deal Widget- Its on Home Page, on the right side.

     Before sale day
    0. Ensure you are Registered. Go to Product Page and Click Subscribe to Register.
    1. Pin this Page.
    2. Uninstall all the useless Plugins in your PC. Go to control Panel.
    3. Do Not download big file a day before sale.
     On Sale day
    4. Install a New Browser other than what you are already using. Keep it clean.
    5. Open this Page again and Pin it.
    6. Open and Pin the YU YUPHORIA PRODUCT PAGE
    7. When The Countdown expires, Select the Color & Add the phone to your cart. AS FAST AS YOU CAN!
    [If you are in wait-list, WAIT! & Don't change color of the phone.
     Add Phone to Cart once pop up appears.]
    8. Complete the order if you are able to on the PC.
    9. If not, open the Amazon Mobile App and Complete the Order and Payment. Use Amazon Gift Card for faster Check-Out, or COD is already the best way. 
    10. PLAY GOD!!!

    Here are some screenshots to what happened with me in YUREKA Sales

    Hope you understood all the tips. I know i stretched it a bit, but if you follow it, i am sure you will get success. Thanks for sticking in. Keep following me, i have a lot of things lined up regarding Yu Yureka & Yuphoria. Throw in your doubts or thoughts or better tips in the Comments below, i will update the post if i found any useful thing missing or mentioned in comments.


    1. Thanks. Definitely helpful ! :) @akskaps

      1. Thanks for feedback. Really appreciate. :)

      2. Hi how do i make more of chance to get d phone in d nxt sale???

      3. Be Fast and furious. ;)
        And follow above steps.

      4. Flash Sale Booster - Get your favourite phones from flash sale easily. I have tried it.
        Download Here -

    2. Hello...I wanted to know what will happen if we try to get it with different tabs, browsers,,but with same ip address...... can it be helpful?

      1. No it won't. Better open it in just one tab. and keep all other activities over internet, closed. Keeping more tabs opened will only low down the bandwidth. Even turn off the wifi tether if you are using lan to concentrate bandwidth at one single connection for better speed.

    3. Hi, Please clarify-
      1. Does the countdown appear on the YU YUREKA product page itself?
      2. If no, do we need to open any other page for the countdown? Is it necessary to open the other page?
      3. Is it Ok if the last time we refresh the Yu product page is 15 seconds before 2pm? Will then the YU product page change automatically to show the buy button or must we click the refresh page exactly at 2pm to make the buy button show up?
      4. Please spare some time & upload an image of the product page marking or pointing an arrow to the spot where the buy button appears.

      1. 1. No the CountDown page is different. The countdown is on Http:// YU NEED NOT TO OPEN COUNTDOWN PAGE. Its Waste of time.
        2. Yes, Just directly open the PRODUCT PAGE--- > a few min before 2 PM and refresh it 2 PM so you get Add to cart button or Yu get into waiting list if deal is already claimed 100%. DO NOT REFRESH ONCE You SEE the DEAL ACTIVE/Waiting.
        3. Exactly 2 PM. Refreshing before 2 PM is just useless.Just to keep page a Updated, refresh it 1 min before 2 PM. Keep a Watch near by your pc with exact time as on internet.
        4. i will try my best. Please pin this page so you get latest update.
        And Thanks for suggestion :)

      2. Thanks for the reply. I would have wasted crucial moments at the time of the sale trying to figure this out at that time without your inputs. The flipkart's flashsale process is superior and creates no confusion at all, in my opinion.
        I have never used amazon to shop. I don't even know where they put the add to cart button. By knowing where to expect that button will surely make the task much quicker at that time. That's the only thing bothering me now as you have already cleared all other doubts.

      3. i agree, flipkart has much better flash sale.
        Updated the post, hopefully that will help.

      4. Yes, your update1 gives a very good idea of what's going to happen in the initial few seconds which is the most important part.
        I am still unsure about how to bring the add to cart button on the app on tab. There won't be a refresh button, I guess. Will the button automatically appear in the application? What needs to be done to get the add to cart button on the app?

      5. Last time, the phone was available to to cart on the app even before the sale has started, but at higher price, so no idea how it would be available in this sale. Will it be available soon this time or not, only time will tell. you can just check the app regularly. Only way to refresh a page in app is togo back and come to product page again. Use the direct links here to access direct product page in the app.

    4. Great tips Ayush! Thanks for taking the time to help us. Please shed some light on the 'Gift card' part..Do you mean I should buy a gift card, send it to my email ID and redeem it during the sale? Should the amount I buy the gift card for be Rs. 8,999/-?

      1. i havent used that so can't exactly tell if sending one to yourself would work or not, but you can surely do one thing, make 2 amazon ids, buy a gift card worth 8999 or if you want to add 2 day delivery then worth 9048 (make sure its available in your city, contact Amazon cc for that) and in the email section, add the other account email id with which you want to purchase yureka.
        Thats it, open the other account, and you may get the gift card already redeemed in your account or option to redeem it, and if not that also, then open you email id, find the mail containing Coupon code, and redeem that here-

        Once you redeem it, or get it redeemed already, your gift card balance eill show up in your accounts section, which you can use while purchasing anything on amazon.
        Hope that helps. And please remember, if i helped you, please use my link above or anywhere on my blog to open product page and purchase. that will only reward me a little for helping you out. :)

      2. i mean, redeem it BEFORE THE SALE

    5. Bought Yureka today at 2 PM at Amazon they charged me Rs 12499 #Scamsters

      1. Well that is great. So are you going to pay 12499?

      2. I spoke to Amazon about the price they said they are gonna give a gift card for 3.5k as refund

      3. lol, they are keeping the money still. So thats the way they are making money.

      4. Yep one way of improving their business

      5. we can't check out gift card cash?

    6. Nice description Ayush.. good job
      1.Does the speed of internet is important?
      like i am having bsnl unlimited broadband with a capping of 8gb at 2mbps then afterwards its 512kbps.
      i exceeded 8Gb so running in 512KBps... does it affect while i am buying.
      2. COD is not there for me, i can use net banking , is it time taking ??
      or should go for gift cards.? if i didnt get the order can i convert my gift card back to money , i mean to my account?

      1. 1. i am also using the BSNL 2mbps connection. Yes speed will play major role. Like i said, my broadband was down 15 min before sale, and you know most of the India uses BSNL, its easy to get lower bandwidth from them, and you said you have crossed FUP limit, i would recommend you use any other Connection, like what i did, in emergency, is that i opted for a 200 MB 3G airtel Data myplan for 7 days worth rs 50 just to buy that. I tethered it over wifi and used my pc. Make sure you turn off automatic updates and other adjustment beforehand to save data drain.

        2. Internet banking would do great, only if Amazon redirects you to bank page easily. To be frank, it took me 7 min to successfully complete payment via debit card, while it was just 5 min left. Thanks to amazon, as the order locks once you try to make payment for atleast once, and if payment get failed, they will give you another chance to complete it. So using any payment option would do given you pass the payment redirection page once.
        Using gift card will only save you from that Hard time while doing payment. Seriously, it made me paranoid, as it was too slow.

      2. Thank you so much for the tips..
        How about gift cards, if we are unable to use that gift card can we revert it back to our bank account

      3. You are really doing a great job helping others... thank you so much

      4. I dont think so you could return them, better ask Amazon CC regarding that.
        I am glad you liked it. Please support me by purchasing using the amazon links on my page, it only takes a click. :)

    7. With 512 Kbps it would be difficult right,.. ok i have to find another way ...:|

      1. Maybe, but for safe side, get atleast 1 mbps connection

    8. Hey , Yureka product page is not working... What should I do....

      1. Its being redirected to home page of amazon...

      2. Hi Ayush, I just begin to feel relaxed as I now have a good idea of the process and this happens. They removed the product page. I fear the product page will be made available only after the countdown ends. I was too anxious over saving a second or two & finding the add to cart button as quickly as possible. Now, the result is that we still don't know from which webpage we have to begin.
        How was it the last time? How did you get to the product page? Did you have the link in advance or you got redirected from the homepage (through the countdown) or the YU registration page?
        I still don't believe I am asking the same questions which you have attempted to answer previously, as best as you could & I had understood that equally well.
        But it seems amazon doesn't want things to be that way. Amazon likes chaos, panic & complications just for the sake of doing it differently. They want to name 'registrations' as 'subscriptions'. They dislike the idea of giving a dedicated page which can be opened well in advance or as per one's convenience & which has a countdown and self redirects to present a buy button,and after all this they have managed to do, they come up with a masterplan to give customers 15 minutes to complete the order ignoring the huge traffic on the website for this event.

      3. @Vaishnav A.S Don't worry Brother, they pulled it down for Many reasons, 1 is to make that page cache Free in your browser, other is they are testing improvements, so no one could buy it like yesterday. Thats a good thing, isnt it?

      4. Dont worry guys, i have an eye on them. Will publish Updates and Changes if any. You guys just keep following this page. Check it time to time, also follow me on twitter coz i post Update notifications there first, and also on Facebook at same time ;)
        Twitter- @Techoet
        Facebook- Http://

    9. @ayush Mathur How much did you earn in the first and second sale together?

      1. I bought the YU YUreka in first sale. And in second slae, i helped many. See my FB profile for testimonials.

    10. Can we refresh the page after join waitlist?

      1. No, not needed, just keep an eye on the screen. You can watch youtube in a small size window to pass the time ;)

    11. What about Yureca? Is it a fair choice?

      1. definetely best smartphone i am experiencing it just go and grab it

    12. Hey buddy (Ayush Mathur) plz help me to buy this phone I tried in 2 sale but always unsucessful I have tried fastest internet speeds possiable in my state
      Took care of each and every thing which you have posted in your blog
      Help me yr

      1. Have you tried this lately?
        If yes, how can i help? Please contact me on twitter @techoet / google+ (click my name)
        Or fb

    13. Can u help with the script
      Will it help

      1. What add to cart ...and lwill purchase yo yureka
        For next sale

    14. best smartphone under 10k priced just at rs 8,999 cool cutomization features by cyanogen mod operating system amazing camera quality i am using the phone its fantastic.

    15. Hey Ayush,

      Does the script change every flash sale? if yes, when & where will i get the new script.. i m planning to buy on 26th Feb sale. also if u can guide on the golden ticket.

      1. No, i havent changed it till now and probably will not.

    16. Hi ,
      First of all a Big Thank You for the detailed instructions on how to book the YU and this is the only one which was updated for the sale on 26th Feb.
      I followed the instructions and successfully placed the order.
      All I have to say is that Follow the instructions - It really helps!!!
      Here are some special instructions I followed :
      I opened 2 browsers : Firefox and Opera
      Then opened 4 tabs in each – the 1st two were used for manual clicking and the other two ran the script.

      I must add that I noticed that Firefox was not successful in executing the script for some reason.Opera was the one that did the magic and ran the code in a jiffy, and VOLA – this item has been added to your cart (Refresh the pages where the script is not running) and now just place the order and DONE !!
      Bid you Good Luck.
      Sent form the Fifth Dimension :D

    17. thanx ayush i goted yureka tuday

    18. can i get yureka on EMI on amazon

    19. What add to cart ...and lwill purchase yu yureka
      For next sale .... Plz some tips share

    20. What add to cart ...and lwill purchase yu yureka
      For next sale

    21. videocon provide
      For new Customers the proposition will be available on Plan voucher (PV) priced at Rs 76, offering All Local Calls at 25P/min only for 6 months including Rs 63 Talk time; 1050 MB data for 3 month and 100 SMS free/day, with first 2 SMS of the day chargeable at rack rate.

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    23. BATTERY- 8/10
      The backup is decent, 6-7 hrs,
      The power saver mode in youphoria is the best that I have ever seen, on screen time is about 6 hrs AND THE QUICK CHARGING IS AWESOME.

      CAMERA- 7.5/10
      The primary camera overexposes the images and has a yellow/pink tint.

      The secondary camera is perfect for selfies and when compared to yureka, yuphoria has a wider angle of the lens .
      Group selfies are the best.

      LOOKS + DESIGN- 10/10
      Excellent, its even very light, the phone doesn't feel cheap, the grip is good

      HEATING ISSUE- 7/10
      YES it does heat up a lot, especially on playing music and while out in the sun.
      The rear side heats up near the camera ring and the mettalic sides heat up a lot.

      One way of overcoming this issue is that after using a heavy app, you go to the settings and force stop the application.

      BRIGHTNESS- 8/10
      Sunlight legibility is nice on max brightness but the adaptive brightness doesn't work well.
      Its better than yureka.

      DISPLAY- 8/10
      Nice viewing angles.
      More PPI than yureka (267 vs 294 )

      SCREEN TOUCH- 9/10
      One word :- AWESOME..Better than other phones in same range.

      Works fine for me, only some devices were faulty.

      UI- 10/10
      Cynogen Mode is the best and the most customizable.