Friday, January 16, 2015

Charging Speed test of YU Yureka smartphone.

In this smart world with everyone using smartphones, The biggest challenge for any smartphone maker company is to address the issue of Battery Backup. While we have taken a gigantic leap in smartphone technology world, Battery technology is advancing very slowly.

In this fight, some are making Big heavy batteries while some are increasing Charging speed.
But everyone aims to address the problem related to Battery.

Charging speed plays a major role, as a smartphone user would not want to put down his/her phone for longer time. When Yureka was Released by YU (or Micromax), same was expected, but some users were reporting that the phone takes lot of time to get charge, so i thought of doing a test myself.
So here is the video where i charged the YU Yureka smartphone for 30 Min to know how much it gets charged using the Mi 5200mAh Power Bank with 1.5 A output. Take a look.

So, the Yureka does actually charged to just 15% From Null in 30 min. That is no where near to normal charging speed. Even if you take a smartphone and charge it with some 1 A output charger, it would get charged upto 25 % in 30 min, while i was using significantly fast charger. Yes, the original time fluctuates a lot depending upon several factor, but just 15% in 30 min is definitely a disappointment.
I will do a video of anther phone just for the sake of comparison and publish here so we get real idea if its really slow or not. Keep following.

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