Sunday, December 29, 2013

Indians still can't get enough of their TV.

Its a well known thing that we Indians Love that idiot box a lot. Watching Television has become a daily need from just a leisure Time pass. But in year 2013, people have become more addicted to it, as we can see that the top videos on YouTube India page is filled with lots of latest TV shows or anything related to it.
IBN Live reported top 10 videos trending on YouTube this year and 2 of them were TV shows only. One is of course, the famous Comedy Nights with Kapil and the Other one is MTV roadies which is the most famous Reality Show among youths.
Its interesting to note that YouTube is gradually becoming a TV alternative and thus a huge Advertisement platform than just a social media platform for publishing made for web content.
There is a lot of content on YouTube other than popular TV shows and Movie Trailers to be watched, but people are really not interested in watching those. This is really awkward, i mean come on guys, TV is not just the thing in this world. 
YouTube, which began as a site for amateur videos should remain the same and not a site for content distribution. 

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