Sunday, December 8, 2013

The First One

Welcome to my Yellow world, my own personal blog for everything. There's nothing fancy in "Yellow Things" other than the fact that its just a name for my blog and actually sounds so cool, isn't it?

>Who am i and why i made this blog?
I am a passionate blogger, a student, future computer engineer, techno freak and most importantly, a Social Media addict.
I am almost everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a hell lot of Social Media Sites. I come across a lot of things which are really interesting. I share them on my Facebook or Twitter Wall, but seriously, the reach is so damn limited that i thought of making a blog to not only make a collection of such things, but also to find people in this world of mutual interest with me.
And also to learn how to blog and add it to my experience list.

>Why should you come to my blog?

>Who designed the background?
Imagined by ME, made into reality by Pattern Cooler team.
The Pattern Cooler is an amazing designing tool and definitely worth a try to make  Blogger and Twitter backgrounds, web and graphic design projects, PhotoShop texture tiles and fills, mobile phone wallpapers and personal artwork, blogs and websites.
Thanks to +Ashish Agarwal for arranging an awesome Blogathon to learn how to blog.

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