Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My sinusodial Life

How should i start this? Ok, its sinusodial, so it should start from bottom, and i was there at the railway station, my mom was crying, i was leaving home, to rise.
I planned everything, i tried hard, i was optimistic, never thought of giving in, but.... I had to fall.
It was all unplanned, it was all illusion, i never dreamed..... Wish i had tasted that nightmare beforehand.
Friends, i had a few, tried to escape with them. I was sitting on the chair, clicking a few buttons rapidly but i had to be sitted on the chair, scratching the pen like hell....... Battel lost, Game Over.
I had to cry, i had to suffer, all dreams crushed. But its a game, Next one started.

I planned again, this time situation was different, aim was different and methods were different. There were even more herdels, even more distractions but aim was quite clear. The start was good, as planned, it was going great. I had achieved a few things, i again had those dreams and thought i would get it this time. I took care of mistakes i had done last time, but again, i was faulty. Again i faild to recognise the true faces. Again i was forced to bite the dust. Again the dreams were crushed and again, the hearts were broken.
I feel lost, aimless, looser but maybe, i am not made to deserve this. Maybe, i am just a fat piece of mass on the earth. Maybe, i am just an idiot.
I am tired of this rolar coster ride. Let me be just another guy, just another Looser, just another planned man.

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